Abijit Somashekar

Exploration is the name of the game and Abijit Somashekar is a master at it. The first thing we really want to know how the moniker Moto-Explorer, his name on social media, came to be.

‘I’ve always had the interest and the sheer urge to explore and literally take the road less travelled,’ says Abijit. Once the explorer side of him met the motorbike enthusiast side, the name Moto-Explorer was instantly born.

Globetrotter in every sense

While most of us would be excited to visit a single, perhaps exotic foreign nation, the Moto-Explorer manages to accommodate and explore nine more countries while at it! That’s exactly what he did when he was in Norway. From the famous Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) in Strand, Rogaland, Norway to covering nine more countries all in a span of seven months, he truly did live up to the moniker of Moto-Explorer.

How did it all come about?

This zest for adventure came about when he was 9-years-old, when he did his first Himalayan trek. Since then, he has always had a fascination for terrain and started developing this want within himself to completely explore places. “I was bit by the adventure bug really early in life and what you see today is but the aftereffect of that,” says Abijit. Since then, throughout most of his teenage and early adult life, he has pretty much left no stone unturned in all the paths that he has explored.

An adventurous endeavour!

Taking this zest for exploration and turning it into an ocean of adventure altogether (literally), he traced almost the entire coastline of India, from Mumbai in the west to Vizag in the east, by taking roads that were at the closest proximity to the ocean. Clearly this means that he had to forgo the prescribed highways on the map and instead ride through just sand and stone. An adventurous ride like this is hardly attempted but leave it to the Moto-Explorer to think of such a unique twist to an already adventurous ride.

Carbonado GRIT has been his trusty companion on many of his recent adventures and he swears by its capability to really take a beating!

When not trailblazing through unchartered roads, you can find Abijit at the Moto Store & Cafe, an establishment he runs that encompasses his passion for travel, motorcycling and food, all under one roof.

Go ahead and check out the Moto Store & Cafe if you’re in Bangalore and check Abijit out through Instagram to find out where his next adventure is taking him.

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