With easy sliding motions and freedom of control over your product, secure fastening
creates a rare blend of purpose, pleasure and comfort. And in the end, this creates
additional appeal and attractiveness for your piece!

We understand things that stand out from the ordinary-even something quick as the moment a fastener is opened and closed. For us, this moment has a special attraction for you that we turn into a unique experience!

We take the best mechanical lock characteristics and combine them with materials,
revolutionizing fasteners. Our fastening components are driven by perfectly balanced
magnets that allow them to close with an audible click automatically. The mechanical
engagement keeps them securely closed.

Shoulder, waist or cross-body – the choice is yours. Vary your comfort on the go with Maglock buckle strap-adjust for that custom fit,it becomes the perfect extension to your body either way.

Convenient and secure easy access zip at the back. Now you don’t have to search around to get to your phone & frequently accessed things.Very handy to keep valuables.

Made with super durable 900D Reverse fabric,Twill Nylon Fabric and Twill polyester lining. Quality fabrics
and expert workmanship ensures that the waist pouch is a lasting accessory in all your adventures.

As the name signifies, Cache is a compact urban waist pouch that can store all the valuables that you would want to have instant access to.

It should work as a secure Travel money belt to keep your cash, receipts, including passports (can fit multiple Indian passports), phone, air tickets, cash, medicine, room keys, earphones, and important documents organised and secure.