Ruggedness Reborn

Carbonado™ GRIT

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Carbonado™ GRIT is the epitome of toughness with its rather differently designed, rugged hardshell. The Carbonado™ GRIT is built like a tank and is pretty much ruggedness reborn!

The Metal Plaque is back and it comes with your name on it!

Each Carbonado™ GRIT ships with a metal plaque with the limited run number on it. It comes with an adhesive back panel giving you the option to paste it anywhere you’d like.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Carbonado™ GRIT if it didn’t have your name on it now would it? The Carbonado™ GRIT you order will ship with a custom dog tag with your name and your blood group on it. Make sure you mention the required details when you order yours.

We released a very short limited run of 7 earlier in 2019 which got sold out in 11 minutes and now, we’re bringing it back.

Get the Carbonado™ GRIT, starting from #8 to #100 this holiday season with this limited run of what is the toughest Carbonado™ built yet.

New Premium Interiors

Carbonado™ GRIT opens to an accessible 180 degrees for easy retrieval of things while the interiors have been revamped with lush premium materials making it gentle and soft to the touch. A 17.3″ laptop can be housed within the laptop sleeve or any item with maximum dimensions of 30cm x 41cm x 4cm.

A Tough Hardshell

Robust, impact-resistant and gritty! It is built for the toughest of conditions. This is the signature look and feature of the Carbonado™ GRIT.

Revolutionary weight balance

The sturdy shoulder straps come with adjustable pullers for that perfect weight distribution, keeping the bag closer to your back and alleviating shoulder strain. We’ve also added a reflector on the shoulder straps for that added touch of finesse.

The perfect fit

The carefully designed adjustable sternum strap keeps the backpack snug while offering easier locking and unlocking mechanisms.

Power, for any and every hour!

The built-in fast charging USB port and 3.5 mm audio jack allows your devices to power-through the entire day.

Legendary insulation

What’s hot or cold now will remain hot or cold for upto 4 hours straight.

Concealed Storage

A 15” laptop storage at the back of the bag, because, you’re always at the mercy of the daily grind, right?

Rain cover included

The new Carbonado™ GRIT, just like the Carbonado™ GT2, comes with a custom rain cover, because we offer the best of protection for your investment!