Limited Run of only 7 units
Don’t wait around. Get Your GRIT On!

Why 7?

Each day of the week has its own set of challenges that need tackling.

We took inspiration from literally every day of the week to create a hardshell that can take on challenges, regardless of the time of day, any day of the week.

What is GRIT?

Carbonado GRIT is the epitome of toughness with its newly designed, rugged hardshell. Limited to only 7 pieces, it’s time to get ahead of the pack and make Grit yours.

Carbonado GRIT ships with a custom metal name badge with your name etched on it along with a special, never-before-seen Carbonado apparel!


Estimated shipping time 15 days

The rugged, all-weather resistant outer shell stands strong come rain or shine.

This, coupled with a water and dust resistant construction gives you all the rigidity you’d need.

Go face challenges head on. Get your GRIT on!