Celebrating 17 years of xBhp

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Road-tested, trusted and toughened.

The biker’s backpack just power-shifted into a whole new realm! This is Carbonado™ GT2 xBhp Edition.

Signature Hardshell

Strong, impact-resistant and reliable. It takes on the challenges thrown by the outdoors, head on!

Sturdy Sternum Straps

The new and improved sternum strap keeps the backpack snug while offering easier locking and unlocking mechanisms.

Revolutionary Weight Balance

Sturdy shoulder straps with adjustable pullers – perfect weight distribution when on the go.

Aerodynamic Form Factor

The aerodynamic construction prevents drag by taking the natural contours of your back while riding.

USB Fast-Charging Port

The built-in fast charging USB port and 3.5 mm audio jack allows your devices to power-through the entire day.

Momentum, Streamlined.

The all-encompassing drop-leg pouch for instant access n a jiffy, now with a signature xBhp graphic to commemorate 17 years of xBhp’s dominance within the motorcycling community.

Solid Materials

All Vector models have been upgraded to 900D reverse fabric for added sturdiness.

The Cross-Body Option

The thigh strap is removable so that it can be worn across the body (cross-body).

More Than Meets The Eye

There are three loops provided as well that can hold on to your sunglasses, key chains or anything that’s worth ‘hanging onto’!

Hold Nothing Back

Easier accessibility and larger size of the pouch along the waist.

Totally Hassle-Free

The thigh strap has been redesigned with a quicker lock and release mechanism.

xBhp is without a doubt the largest motorcycling community in India. The bright xBhp graphic on the signature hardshell is a strong representation of the 17 years that xBhp has been actively shaping the motorcycling community… and more than anything else, it’s a design to die for!