Is Carbonado GT backpack waterproof?

Carbonado GT2 is made up of  DWR material which by the property is dust & water-resistant. However, we do not call Carbonado GT2 waterproof as for any product to become waterproof the seams need to be heat sealed. In the case of Carbonado GT2, the seams are stitched and not heat sealed hence we provide a rain cover that can be used during heavy rainfall by covering the backpack. Also, the zippers are waterproof. Otherwise, in medium to light rain, the backpack material itself and the zippers will provide good protection to the contents inside.

What’s the warranty?

Carbonado comes with one year warranty. 

What are the variants in colour you offer for Carbonado?

Carbonado comes only in carbon black variant. 

What are the variants in colour you offer for Carbonado GT?

Carbonado comes only in carbon black, rosso corsa and obsidian blue colour variants. 

What is the size of the laptop the Carbonado GT2 backpack can hold?

Carbonado GT2 has two laptop compartments. One compartment will hold 15.3inch laptop and another will hold 17inch laptop.

What is the size laptop the laptop sleeve organiser can hold?

The laptop sleeve organiser can hold a 14 inch laptop.

Can the Carbonado backpacks be used for everyday commute?

Yes, it is perfect for everyday use as well as for travel. Carbonado offers various backpacks for various occasions from the everyday commute, to motorcycle riding. They also offer sufficient storage space for your travel needs.

Where are Carbonado products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore city.

What material is used in manufacturing the hardshell of the backpack? What is different about it?

The material used in manufacturing the backpack is Polycarbonate. It is harder and stronger than other materials and can take on impacts easily. 

How much does the Carbonado GT2 backpack weigh?

    The composite weight of the backpack

             –   Actual weight – 1150 grams

             –   Feels like – 575 Grams 

What is the return/replacement policy?

If any defective unit is delivered, the replacement will be done within 7 days.

The company shall bear the product’s return cost.

Note: Returns/ replacement are not valid for damages resulting from accident, improper repair, and loss of components or accessories by the user.

When will the backpack be delivered? How do we track them?

Estimated time to ship an order is 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order. 

If I have more questions, whom do I contact?

You can either write to us at Support@carbonado.in  


you can call us @ 08037995708


What is AerFit?

AerFit is a CE approved FFP1 mask that is designed keeping two important factors in mind, reliable air-flow and a universal fit ensuring a complete seal.

What’s the difference between AerFit4 and AerFit6?

AerFit4 has a 4-layer filtration system consisting of 1x Triple Layered Air Mesh, 2x Melt Blown Filters and 1x Soft Fabric Layer.

AerFit6 on the other hand has a 6-layer filtration system consisting of 1x Triple Layered Air Mesh, 2x Non-Woven Fabric Layers, 2x Melt Blown Filters and 1x Soft Fabric Layer.

Why is AerFit6 not recommended for people with chronic breathing issues?

AerFit6 contains added layers causing a higher level of air filtration. This may cause a person who has a chronic breathing issue like asthma or wheezing to experience shortness of breath because of the said high level of air filtration. Hence we do not recommend AerFit6 for such people.

Is AerFit4 safer for people with chronic breathing issues?

Yes. AerFit4 comes with standard air filtration layers, making it easier for people with chronic breathing issues like asthma or wheezing.

What is an FFP1 mask?

An FFP1 mask essentially has an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 4.

Do I have to pre-wash my AerFit before using it?

No. We pre-wash our fabric to allow for any possible shrinkage. You are supposed to only wash it after multiple uses.

Will AerFit masks provide protection from corona virus/ COVID 19?

Masks like AerFit function in two ways.

1. They keep you from infecting others by containing a majority of fluids within when you sneeze or cough.

2. They are designed to protect you against non-oily particles in the air like dust, sand, pollen and smog.

Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and also take care to avoid coming in close quarters with people, maintain social distancing and avoid crowds altogether.

Following all of these procedures while wearing your mask will keep you safe from COVID-19.