Carbonado GT2 now in Alpine White

A splash of white for the colourful you!

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Introducing AerFit EVO

India’s first multifunctional headwear treated with ViralOff Technology from Sweden. Available in a plethora of colours and patterns.


Carbonado AerFit NEO

Be aware to take care. Mask on!

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Carbonado GT2

The new face of racing mobility gear

₹ 4,790.00

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₹ 190.00

Carbonado Envoy

The Quintessential You


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₹ 2,490.00

Carbonado Nova

Fitted to Outlast


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₹ 1,450.00

Carbonado Skins

Personalize Your Pack With a Unique Look


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₹ 349.00

3 Liter Hydration Bladder

So that you can quench your thirst on the go

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