About Us

We, at Bplugd IOT, are a bunch of passionate individuals who are on a mission to create urban mobility gear that has never been seen or imagined before. When we say urban mobility gear, we’re talking about backpacks, drop-leg pouches, side-sling bags, carry cases and of late, PPE like premium face masks.

We spearheaded this mission with Carbonado HTP, the world’s first hybrid tech pack and followed suit with the GT and GT2 versions which have gone on to garner a significant amount of following in the luggage space. We’re constantly innovating and trying out various ideas so that our customers can experience the best-in-class mobility gear to better their daily lives.

Our product, Carbonado GT2, won the prestigious CII Design Excellence Award in September of 2019, marking our strong footprint in the world of luggage and gear. This has only propelled us into overdrive and on a continual basis, a lot more of our innovative designs will see the light of day.

This is who we are – dreamers, innovators, risk-takers and gear geeks!