Kalyani Potekar

With a personal best of 02:16 at the Buddh International Circuit, Kalyani Potekar is proving herself as a force to be reckoned with.

She owes it to her father who, being a motocross racer, used to take her to the circuit from an early age. Developing a passion for motorbikes, she began riding them at the age of 10 and was able to familiarise herself with racing.

The Catalyst

In 2008, when her father was a part of ‘Raid The Himalayas,’ which is a gruelling ride across the Himalayas, she was part of his pit crew (service team). This whole experience left a lasting impression upon her, so much so that in 2013, she began rehearsing and prepping for the same. Once her dad came to know that she was keen on taking part in the ride, he bought her a new Yamaha FZ and got it ready for the rally. Even though she didn’t go on to win the race, she did complete it and was the only woman among 200 men who took part in the rally. 

The progress

In the following years, she began to seriously tour while studying in Pune. Being a participant of MTV Chase The Monsoon gave her further exposure into the world of touring and she got her first super-bike, the Triumph Street Triple in 2016. The very next year, she enrolled herself into the California Superbike School and began her training to become a super-bike racer. 

Very soon, she found herself trailblazing around the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore with the Speed-Up racing team, taking part in the 2017 National Championship as well as the Honda One-Make racing series.

The hyper-shift

As 2018 rolled by, she was able to move her bike to the Buddh International Circuit. This is where she totally took upon herself the title of a track junkie, taking part in the J.K. Tyres Superbike Cup. She set a lap time of 02:18 here, which was a personal best for her on her 600cc Street Triple. This didn’t satiate her though, as it only motivated her to do even better in the days and weeks to come. “My motive is to better myself, beat my own personal best and keep at it,” says Kalyani when asked about what pushes her day-in and day-out to tirelessly race. 

And beat her own timing she did when she clocked in 02:16 at Buddh!

Kalyani, when not on her bike, enjoys paragliding, mountaineering and is an equestrian. Her love for riding horses comes from her affluent family background, where it was first cultivated. She even went on to win for herself the tile ‘Best Horse Rider 2011’ from the DG NCC at the Indian Republic Day Parade.

Recently, she rode the Cambodia and Thailand leg of the XBHP Dominar Great Indian Odyssey with the Carbonado GT2 being her trusted companion throughout the ride.

My motive is to better myself, beat my own personal best and keep at it.”

-Kalyani Potekar

What’s around the corner?

Kalyani is looking forward to setting many more personal bests with her machine and is proud of the fact that she was able to set her faster time yet, while a fellow racer achieved the same lap time on a more powerful 1000cc bike. ‘Following my passion and supporting myself while doing it is the biggest purpose behind doing what I do,’ and rightfully so, because she has indeed done things that she never even imagined doing back during her early college days. 

To know more about Kalyani (a.k.a. bikergirl_93), check out her Instagram and Facebook profiles. 

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