Dr. Manan Chaturvedi

For someone who has been exploring roads both old and new 18 years, Dr. Manan Chaturvedi, the VP – Business Strategy of famed motor magazine XBHP says that he’s only hit the tip of the iceberg. 

After covering all of India multiple times; rides in the continent of Europe, Indonesia, Singapore and other parts of South East Asia are all in a day’s work for Shuttervedi – that’s his social media name by the way!

Let’s look at some of the rides and the reasons behind them from the man with a doctorate in Human Resources.

Ride to educate

A motorbike ride for the Education of Girl Children was an initiative of Indian Motorcycles and he travelled on behalf of xBhp to capture the entire ride. An Indian Scout was his vehicle of choice.

Going cross-country

3.5 across India – The number 3 represents all three of his rides across India covering the entire length and breadth, and the .5 is his K2K ride, since that only covered the South, West and North of India. 

11 all the way!

His favourite Carbonado gear is the GT2, which he took along with him on an odyssey that covered 11 nations in a couple of months, beginning in India and traversing through Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc. He had a strong arm in executing this adventurous ride for this company. 

“There’s so much stress all around you that you really need a passion that can help clear your mind,” states Manan. “While some people turn to meditation, I choose to ride my bike, which to me, is a form of meditation in itself. It helps me stay focused because when you’re riding, you tend to not think of too many things but stay focused on the road in front of you.”

-Manan Chaturvedi

Riding helps him focus on the road and enjoy the surroundings he is in while clearing the clutter from his mind. 

And at times when he can’t get out on a ride, he resorts to singing and writing original music. This came about because his father is a lyricist and a writer, and has inspired him to put melodies to his words.

Find out more about Manan through his Instagram Page and his YouTube Channel right here:

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