Naresh Nathan

Fly in, set up, play a concert, hit the hotel, fly out and repeat! Welcome to the life of a touring musician. 

Setting a groove and watching the audience move to it is what brings a twinkle in Naresh Nathan’s eye. Being the bass guitarist of The Raghu Dixit Project, one of India’s biggest Folk Rock bands, meeting new audiences and exploring new places is part of daily life.

The Genesis

He began his love affair with bass guitars back in college and it hasn’t stopped since. There have been some huge milestones along the way for him that are worth mentioning like being named the bassist of the year at the 2010 Rolling Stone Metal Awards, getting to open for Iron Maiden, Mr. Big, Meshuggah and Epica among others.

His current projects

With The Raghu Dixit Project, he has played sold out festivals in countries like Borneo (Malaysia), Kazakhstan, Singapore and Taiwan apart from touring the UK, the US and Australia. But it doesn’t just stop there. He also plays bass with an instrumental band called FOI that explores more complex and experimental music and is a part of a progressive rock band called Slain, which he has been with since college.

“Music is a language and a form of communication. It brings people together, geography no bar,’ says Naresh. ‘I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to talk to huge masses of people and have them respond back to me with just the use of my instrument.”

-Naresh Nathan

He’s been known to do these fly-in-fly-out concert dates with the Carbonado Hybrid Tech Pack. ‘It’s that trolly sleeve and the overall reliability that the backpack gives me.’ Sure enough, that trolly sleeve is a lifesaver when lugging things around at airports. 

But what about his life off-stage? Well, when not touring with the band, he works as a copy supervisor and an ACD with a well-established company that is setting some impressive trends in the field of mobility gear and advertising! (any guesses?)

Find out more about Naresh through his Instagram profile and check out all his travel shenanigans through The Raghu Dixit Project’s YouTube page here: 

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