AerFit™ Evo-Dots Purple


Treated with ViralOff Technology
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Premium Multifunctional Headwear. EVO is India’s first multifunctional motorcycle headwear/neck gaiter that is treated with ViralOff Technology from Sweden.

What’s unique about EVO?

  • Light weight with superb breathability. (Safe for running and other sports activities.)
  • Comes in a vivid array of colours and patterns.
  • ViralOff treated for additional safety.


  • Unhemmed Edges
  • Moisture Wicking Quick Drying Tech
  • Dust and Wind Shield
  • Cold Weather Protection
  • Standard 30+ UPF Solar Protection
  • Polyester Microfiber Construction
  • Insect Barrier

Wear your EVO in more ways than one!


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