Vault | Rooftop box

Rs. 59,900.00
Rs. 49,900.00
Product Specification

The Roof Box product size is 205*80*35cm
Volume : 575 L
Net weight : 25 kg
Material : ABS, PC and PMMA
Fits all SUV, Compact SUV & Sedan Cars



1. Are rooftop boxes legal in India?
Yes, rooftop boxes are legal in India as long as they are secured properly and do not exceed the maximum permissible height and weight limits set by the government.

2. What is the maximum weight and height limit for rooftop boxes in India?
The maximum weight limit for rooftop boxes in India is 50kg, and the maximum height limit is 380mm. Carbonado Vault Rooftop Box is 350mm.

3. Can any car use a rooftop box?
Not all cars can use rooftop boxes. You need to check if your car has roof rails or crossbars that can support the weight of the rooftop box. If your car does not have roof rails or crossbars, you may need to install them before you can use a rooftop box. Or You can purchase from the Carbonado Roof bars (Link) -
Raised Roof Crossbar -

Naked Roof Crossbar -

4. What is the storage capacity of Carbonado rooftop boxes?
The storage capacity of Carbonado rooftop boxes is 575 liters, which is enough to store 4-5 trolleys/Duffels bags and other small items.

7. Are Carbonado rooftop boxes easy to install and remove?
Yes, Carbonado rooftop boxes are designed to be easy to install and remove. They come with a user manual that provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and remove the rooftop box.

8. Are Carbonado rooftop boxes covered by warranty?
Yes, Carbonado rooftop boxes are covered by a manufacturer's warranty of 5 Years that varies depending on the model and brand. You need to check the warranty terms and conditions before purchasing a Carbonado rooftop box.

9. Can Carbonado rooftop boxes be used in all weather conditions?
Yes, Carbonado rooftop boxes are designed to be weather-resistant and can be used in all weather conditions. Rooftop box is completely waterproof.

10. Can rooftop boxes damage the car's paint?
Rooftop boxes are designed to be installed without damaging the car's paint. However, it is recommended that you clean the car's roof before installing a rooftop box to ensure that there is no dirt or debris that could cause scratches.

11. Are rooftop boxes safe to use?
Rooftop boxes are safe to use as long as they are installed and secured properly. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and ensure that the rooftop box is not overloaded.