How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Backpack for You?

This is a blog about choosing the best backpacks for riders of motorcycles. All of our articles are written by people who ride so we know exactly what it’s like out there on the road – from both sides!
How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Backpack for You?
“Motorcycle backpacks are one of the most important pieces of safety gear a rider can own."
Provides storage for items like gloves, jackets and other riding essentials. They also offer protection in case you go down with your bike.
But motorcycle riders don’t have to be limited by traditional backpacks that will only work on one type of bike or another. With so many options out there, it’s easy to find a backpack that is both functional and stylish enough for any biker's needs while also being safe enough to protect you from injury if needed!
A motorcycle backpack should be comfortable on your back, with straps that are easy to adjust and padded areas well positioned to provide comfort while riding.
A backpack designed for motorcycling must also offer a range of pockets and compartments specifically designed to hold various items needed while out on the road. These pouches should not only be easily accessible, but also secure at the same time.
1. What to consider when choosing a backpack?
a) Make sure it fits well: The backpack should fit around your hips where the waist strap will rest. It should also have straps that can be adjusted to size and padded areas to provide extra comfort while riding.
b) Choose durable materials: A motorcycle backpack should be made from leather, polyester, or nylon and have robust construction that can withstand the elements of nature.
c) Functional pockets: Pouches in a motorcycle backpack should not only be easily accessible but also secure at the same time.
d) Style and color: Choose a style you like and find colors that match your taste.
e) Consider the price: Price is not always indicative of quality so make educated decisions whether you are buying online or in person.
f) Learn about safety features: Backpacks for bikers usually have at least one strap that fastens around the rider's torso to help prevent injury in case of a crash.
g) Read consumer feedback: Don’t just choose any backpack you see on the internet – research what others are saying about each model on popular sites.
h) Check out backpack brands: Investigate the brand before you make a purchase to ensure that you are buying from a reputable company with a proven track record for quality products.
i) Find a style that works for you: Look for one that is styled to your liking and allows you to carry your items easily.
k) Choose an easy to access bag: Look for a bag with wide-spaced pockets for all of the items and compartments that you will need while riding.
2. Features and benefits of each type of backpack:
- The backpack should fit around your hips where the waist strap will rest. It should also have straps that can be adjusted to size and padded areas to provide extra comfort while riding.
3. How much does it cost to buy a new backpack?
The price of a new motorcycle backpack varies, but it should be affordable for most riders. The price of the backpack will depend on the material that is made out of and the specialty features. A rider should also consider any additional cost they might incur as they shop for a new motorcycle backpack. A good one ranges from $100 to $300.
4. Why Carbonado GT2 Backpack?
Carbonado GT2 Backpacks are some of the most affordable and best-selling motorcycle backpacks on the market. These backpacks offer a perfect balance of comfort, style, and durability while also meeting all safety standards for motorcycle riding. The GT2 series of backpacks are designed for extended daily use and offer a whole host of features for the active rider. The first thing that you will notice about these backpacks is the weatherproof material used to make them. Carbonado uses the proprietary 900D, EVA reinforced material in addition to ballistic nylon and polycarbonate to make the exterior of these packs. The weatherproof material is able to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, and those occasional minor impacts that might occur while you ride.
The GT2 backpack also features a unique handle system for ease of use and comfort when loading or unloading your pack off of a motorcycle. The interior offers decent amounts of space with two large main compartments along with padded ergonomic back panels and shoulder straps for comfort. The larger GT2 backpack is able to accommodate most laptops, water bottles, tools, gloves, and other rider necessities while also offering plenty of space for laptop & camera or other items that you might need during the course of your ride.
5. Where can you buy a new backpack, including online retailers and local bike shops
You can find motorcycle backpacks in local bike shops or online retailers. A backpack is typically fairly inexpensive and should cost less than Rs7000 to Rs8000. The price will depend on the quality of the materials, construction, and additional features that make your new motorcycle backpack just right for you.
Tips for making your choice easier
(i) Compare the prices at different stores, or
(ii) Visit physical stores in person before purchasing online
We have looked at the various types of motorcycle backpacks and how to choose one that is right for you. We also touched on some of the important features to look out for when choosing a backpack such as cost and safety considerations. The advice given should help those who are looking for a new backpack but aren’t sure where to start. If you need more information or want assistance in making your selection, please feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to help!
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