“Mobility gear for every kind of human movement.”

To be human, is to move.

Staying still just isn’t something we do.

Most of us have a journey to undertake every day, whether it’s to college, a corporate office or the local coffee shop.

Others among us take the road less travelled and head out into the great outdoors. Road-trips, weekend getaways, hikes, you get the picture. 

No matter your grind, it’s often helpful to have gear that aids you in your adventures, and that’s exactly why you’re reading this. 

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About Us Image

Make movement great again.

Over the course of their own adventures at home and abroad, our founding team discovered a noticeable lack of mobility gear in the Indian market. 

Using findings and insights from their travels (and our own), we went on to create a line of products built with movement in mind. 

The materials used, the designs that shape them and the durability that follows - all in line with the principles of good mobility. 

Versatility meets durability meets human needs.


Homegrown In India

With world class precision


2 Year Warranty

On functional damage


Free Shipping

On orders above 299


Cash on delivery

Pay it when you get it

Carbonado - The Origin.

Sometimes to get there faster, you have to reinvent the wheels. Born out of an obsession to make the best gear money can buy, backed by proud patrons, bettered by feedback, Carbonado is made to move but here to stay.

Our design philosophy is defined by three guiding principles – our products must be built for a purpose, genuine (read as no gimmicks) and inspire you to get out and about.

Built by humans, for humans.

Something we discovered through our journey is that many businesses tend to lose out on the human touch. 

We do all the same things as our customers, whether it’s catching a bus to work every day or letting off steam by riding into the horizon or hiking up to catch the sunrise from a hilltop. 

So you could say that we know exactly what a person needs when they’re stepping out of their home, because we’ve experienced it ourselves. 

This understanding, we believe, is what is reflected in our gear and how attuned it is to human needs and comfort. 

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