Carbonado GT3

Rs. 6,290.00 Rs. 12,580.00 -50% OFF


Carbonado GT3

Rs. 6,290.00 Rs. 12,580.00 -50% OFF


Product description

Carbonado GT3 is perfect for all urban warriors looking to streamline their lives. With durable, padded hard case design, this backpack will take you from the office to any weekend adventures with ease. The external zipper pocket on top houses personal items like phones and wallets, while the other compartments keep your gear secure and safe.

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Made from durable, water-resistant fabric that protects your belongings from the elements while maintaining a sleek appearance.

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Reinforced Zippers

The GT3 is built with reinforced zippers and stitching to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability.

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Gill Flow technology

Gill flow technology back panel for airflow & breathability

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Insulated pocket

Includes an insulated pouch to keep your beverages cold or food warm for upto 4 hours.

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